AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories Launches a Laboratory for Developing Innovations at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Shenkar

AHAVA has launched a laboratory for developing innovations at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Shenkar, which will conduct broad research in the field of cosmetic chemistry and lead to the development of new technologies for the skincare field worldwide.

A long-term scientific partnership agreement has been signed between the Institute for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Research – one of the academic research centers at Shenkar – and Fosun Jinmei Cosmetics from China, along with the team of research and development specialists from AHAVA.

The establishment of this center for innovation is a meaningful expression of Fosun’s confidence in the abilities of our Israeli researchers to lead innovation in the global cosmetics market, on both an individual and national level.

Fosun, a Chinese company, has a vision: to become a leading and innovative player in the field of global cosmetics.

In order to achieve this goal, Fosun is establishing innovation centers all over the world, where research is conducted for the next generation of cosmetics consumers. Fosun believes that Israel has the necessary blend of knowledge, tools, and people to make discoveries that will lead global innovation in cosmetics for generations to come.

When Fosun invested in AHAVA just a few years ago, it was out of an appreciation for the quality of their advanced research and development department, which has conducted broad research and registered many patents – patents which went on to become an innovative line of products that is now a global leader in the field.

AHAVA, now owned by Fosun, continues to invest in developing, producing, and globally marketing high-quality cosmetic products. It’s rare for a company the size of AHAVA to have such advanced laboratories, researchers, and capacity for innovation.

According to the agreement, the center at Shenkar will conduct broad research in the field of cosmetic chemistry starting in February 2021; this will lead to the development of new technologies for the field of skincare worldwide.

The Institute for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Research, headed by Dr. Nir Debotton, specializes in creating advanced systems for bringing medications, cosmetic materials, and nutritional supplements to the human body. The research activities of the Institute include a variety of subjects, from probiotics to renewing the skin’s appearance to the oral absorption of antiviral drugs (the latter in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev).

This was not the first collaboration between AHAVA and the Institute for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Research at Shenkar; the two bodies have conducted joint research projects in the past, which have even led to patents. In addition to the professional research, these collaborations have also involved educational projects, including guided tours of the Dead Sea for children and educational tours of AHAVA’s cosmetics factory for students from the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Shown: Zeevi Maor (right) and Nir Debotton. Photography: Achikam Ben Yosef

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