Adi Abramov, of the Department of Industrial Design, Is Participating in the International Competition Silmo with Glasses Designed in a Department of Jewelry Design Course

Silmo, which takes place every year in Paris, is considered the world’s largest and most important glasses exhibition. 

Adi, a fourth year student in the Department of Industrial Design, was chosen as the finalist from a long list of candidates and invited to Paris. The glasses he designed in a glasses design course in the Department of Jewelry Design will be displayed in the exhibition and be part of the opening event and announcement of the winning design.

The glasses design course is one of the most sought-after in the Department of Jewelry Design, and from time to time, participation is opened to select students (such as Adi) from other departments.

The course, which lies at the crossroads jewelry design and product design, requires students to design glasses that also function as jewelry for the face. Beyond the aesthetic dimension, students must address the ergonomic, optometric and user comfort requirements necessary for this complex object.

Published on 08-09-2022.

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