Every day, employees in Israel’s hi-tech industry deal with multi-billion dollar acquisitions, life-changing innovation and award-winning technological triumphs. But only if you’re a Jewish man under the age of 55.

“The problem is not a matter of knowledge but rather opportunity,” Sireen Ibraheem Nijeem, a fulfillment and demand specialist at smart energy-tech company SolarEdge, told The Jerusalem Post. “The Arab sector in general and Arab women in particular have the potential to succeed in every workplace and every organization – to integrate well and be as professional as everyone else.”

Nijeem, 27, from Judeida-Makr near Acre, is one of the pioneering Arab women shattering the hi-tech glass ceiling, and she expects many to follow in her footsteps.

While her family made clear their expectations that she should pursue a career in medicine, alongside all her siblings, Nijeem followed her true passion: industrial engineering.

“In all the companies where I have worked to date, I was the first Arab woman. First, at Proctor & Gamble, then at L’Oreal, and now as the first and only Arab woman at SolarEdge,” Nijeem said.

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