Adi Lev, graduate of The Department of Jewelry Design, has won an international fashion award for her graduation collection

Adi Lev-Dori, graduate of The Department of Jewelry Design, has won the prestigious fashion MFP award for the year 2016 by the French fashion institute Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode. Her impressive graduation collection, The Shape of Ink, has put her in the top ten list of winners. Each one will receive professional support and extensive international exposure. 

Lev-Dori’s unique collection, which was first presented when she graduated Shenkar in 2015, was inspired by the world of Body Modification. The objects align with a design language that is based on geometric lines that “float” above the body, thus giving volume to the tattooed contour on the skin. A blackened finish of the objects resembles a line that is tattooed on the skin, as a partial exposure of the silver metal creates a dialog with the jewelry.  

Lev-Dori’s objects are based on structures floating in space, and raises the question – what connects them to each other and to the human body?

Between body and material, between objective and subjective. An item from the winning collection by Lev-Dori (photo: PR)

The French institute (MMMM), based in Marseille, has been working for the past 30 year to promote and develop fashion and accessory designers in the local arena and throughout the Middle East.

The institute is an active partner in the bachelor’s and master’s program in textile and fashion design management at the University of Marseille (AMU) and is leading cooperation with the industry. 
From 2010, the MMMM has led the MFP competition that includes hundreds of designers. The judging panel includes executives from some of the leading fashion houses in the world like Dior and Chanel.  

Top of page: an item from Lev-Dori’s collection The Shape of Ink (photo: PR)

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