Researchers from Shenkar lead an international research initiative project

A new research initiative project is being established between team members from the Collective Intelligence Unit (CIU), Department of International Economics and Management, Copenhagen Business School, and from The School of Industrial Engineering and Management in Shenkar, together with few more academic institutes. 

The research project, which is planned to be conducted in several phases for the coming years, deals with Collective Intelligence, Big Data, finance and economics.

During 23-26.11.16, the team had a great kickoff research seminar meeting with the Collective Intelligence Unit (CIU) team, heading by Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin (Assistant Professor), and Dr. Oded Koren & Dr. Nir Perel from Shenkar.

The meetings were very intensive and productive, in which we defined our research goals, tasks, and time lines. The whole team finds this research innovative and believe it may have a great impact not only on the finance sector, but also on others such as services sector, manufacturing industries, and more.


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