Noa Raviv won the award for "Best Fashion Designer of the Year" for her 3D graduate-collection

Three Dimensions of Success: Noa Raviv - fresh gradute of the Deparrtment of Fashion Design - won the award for "Best Fashion Designer of the Year" at the international "3D PrinShow" event.

Raviv's graduate collection - Hard Copy - departured from classical sculpture and its evolution. With her designs, she tries to explore what is the value of an original object.

"I have deliberately created defective digital images with 3D software", explain Raviv: "Deformed objects that were created by a command that the software was unable to execute. These objects cannot be printed or produced in reality. They exist only in the virtual space".

During the excessive research for the collection, she developed her own textiles and shapes, with the 3D parts created using Stratasys’ Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printing technology.

Raviv ggraduated from Shenkar last summer, receiving the Fini Leitersdorf excellence award with her graduate collection "Hard Copy". This award [in memory of fashion designer Fini Leitersdorf], is given to only one graduate each year, based on a display of creativity and originality in design.

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