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The Pernick Faculty of Engineering

The Pernick Faculty of enineering at Shenkar is “avant-garde”, as it combines the technical understanding, based on natural sciences, with creativity, innovation and the ability to apply such sciences in order to create valuable products, while taking into account considerations such as the business and social environment, as well as an emphasis on teamwork.

Advisory committees, comprised of CEOs and Chiefs of R&D of leading industrial plants, have been established in each department, in order to help the various departments update their multi-disciplinary curriculums.

These committees trace the needs of the industry, while also acting as a bridge between the various departments and the industry, in order to recruit leaders of the industry as guest lecturers, find potential internships in the industry for the students’ final projects and work for the FACULTY OF ENGINEERING’s graduates.

Since quality of teaching is subject to the faculty’s engagement in R&D, Shenkar has developed tools for encouraging R&D therein – for faculty members, as well as for students.

Among such tools, are the center for innovation and technological development, which supports development of innovative products. The center is used by students, young graduates and faculty members. In addition, faculty members dedicate some of their time for research and go on continued education programs in various research facilities and academic institutions worldwide.

Shenkar is also member of the prestigious Tempus and IRIS European programs, which allow students to take part in exchange programs with various universities across Europe.

The Faculty of enineering - consists of 6 departments offeriing graduates B.Sc - is currently in the process of introducing M.Sc. programs for all departments and allows students to continue their higher studies by implementing joint programs with leading academic institutions worldwide.

Among others, the faculty collaborates with the University of Massachusetts in Lowell and the Akron University in Ohio. These programs allow students to obtain their M.Sc. and PhD. degrees, under the joint guidance and funding of both institutions.

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