The Inspire Lab for Image Research at Shenkar in an international exhibition in Berlin

4/3/17 19:00 - 2/4/17 19:00 Museum of Photography, Berlin

We photograph to remember, we photograph to forget. Every picture we take contains a promise that the moment we have documented will not slip away. We photograph incessantly, but rarely print the photographs and arrange them in an album. Instead, digital apps turn them into a constant flow of images that more than anything else reflect and fix our present, while adding new layers of meanings and contexts.

How does the photography revolution of recent decades influence our perception of memory and the space between the tangible and the impermanent? The Inspire Lab for Image Research at Shenkar is presenting an international exhibition at the Museum of Photography in Berlin devoted to photography and documentation in the era of social media.

From the exhibition: Between the tangible and the impermanent / Yanai Toister (PR)

In a collaboration between Shenkar’s research lab and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHD), the exhibition presents works by leading creators from around the world, including artist and photographer Yanai Toister, a faculty member at the Multidisciplinary Art School, who was invited to participate in the unique project which is being accompanied by an international workshop.

The exhibition also presents works by students at the Multidisciplinary Art School who created original personal interpretations of the subject of the exhibition, working jointly with their colleagues in Berlin.

The Inspire Lab for Image Research was established with the aim of delving into issues pertaining to the interactions between image and photograph, and between technologies and interfaces and the people who design and operate them. As part of the Lab’s activities, scholars, researchers, artists, designers, engineers, and people from industry, work and create in different aspects of this field with reference to both theory and practice.

Under the leadership of Mr. Oded Chai, Head of the Department of External and Continuing Studies, and academic supervision by Yanai Toister of the Multidisciplinary Art School, and Dr. Amnon Dekel, Head of the Department of Software Engineering, the Lab supports research projects and academic publishing in the field of photography, and promotes diverse courses, activities, conferences, and international exhibitions.

Top of the page: Detail from a work by Alexandra Heide at the exhibition in Berlin (PR)

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