Mechanized Images for Human Eyes: Design, Engineering and Psychological Perspectives on Visualization

13/5/15 15:30 - 14/5/15 19:00 Auditorium 2000, 8 Yeda Am st, Ramat-Gan

In the last few years visualization has emerged as a potent methodology for exploring, explaining, and exhibiting the vast amounts of data, information and knowledge produced and captured every second.

Researchers and practitioners in visual design, human-computer interaction, computer science, business and psychology aim to enhance the facilitation of knowledge transfer among various stakeholders, and develop methods for the reduction of information overload and misuse. This is vital in the current knowledge economy, where knowledge has become crucial for gaining competitive edge, especially in public policy, scientific research, technological innovation and decision making processes.

Visualization has extended its wings to involve both engineers, designers and psychologists. Engineers handle the information technology aspect, designers bring visual communication and representation to the table, and psychologists study how humans learn and interpret visuals. Thus, the collaboration between engineers, designers and psychologists is crucial for making sure that visualization indeed succeeds in enhancing knowledge transfer.

Yet, what is gained and what is lost in the transition from data, through images, to insights? What are we taking for granted in the mechanization of statistical image making? And how can we better structure the roles of machines in the creation of visualization, and humans in its interpretation? 

The conference objective is to bring together engineers, designers and psychologists to articulate a comprehensive view of visualization which encompasses engineering concepts, psychological benefits and design aesthetics.

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Conference Program:

Session #1, May 13: The state of visualization
15:30 Coffee and registration
16:00 Visual Analytics of Movement
Peter Bak, IBM Research

You’ve got a lot of data! Now what?
Ron Bekkerman, Haifa University


Lightning Presentations
Shenkar's Data Journalism Lab, Shenkar College

17:30 Coffee break 

Weaving Data Into Stories [Keynote]
Robert Kosara, Tableau


Static to Animated
Idan Gazit, Heroku

Session #2, May 14: Visualizing the Public Sphere
08:30 Coffee and Registration

Journalism, Activism, Fetishism (KEYNOTE)
Giulio Frigieri, Guardian)


Visualizing the Israeli Budget
Adam Kariv, The Public Knowledge Workshop

10:30 Coffee Break

Data Journalism in Israel
Shaul Amsterdamski, Calcalist


1 Chart is Worth a 1000 Words
Roni Levit, Bezalel, Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem

12:00 Lunch break
Session #3: Thinking about Thinking with Visualization

How Diagrams Communicate (KEYNOTE)
Barbara Tversky, Stanford and Columbia Universities


Measuring the effectiveness of data visualizations
Mark Shovman, Eyeway Vision & Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Visualizing museum visitor behavior patterns
Joel Lanir, University of Haifa

15:00 Coffee break 
Session #4: Evaluating Visualization

Disinformation Visualization
Mushon Zer-Aviv, Shenkar College & Shual Studio

Enlighten and Obfuscate, Empower and Mislead [Keynote]
Enrico Bertini, NYU
17:00 Coffee break
Closing Session

The Spectrogram: Critical Perspectives
Interactive panel involvong all speakers participatory session with audience

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Early Birds: 100 NIS // After May 1st: 130 NIS // Shenkar's Students: 50 NIS 

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