Faithful to the Original: Homage to Prof. Yarom Vardimon

12/1/17 19:00 - 2/2/17 20:00 Lorber Gallery // Yeda Am 8, Ramat Gan

Few are the designers with longstanding careers who have passed the age of seventy and whose contribution to the field of design remains vibrant and more relevant than ever, not only in these parts but overseas as well. Professor Yarom Vardimon is one of these select few.

For over six decades Vardimon has been active as a multidisciplinary designer, curator, lecturer, and design educator. Among other things he has served as Head of the Department of Graphic Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and President of the Graphic Designers Association of Israel, and for more than a decade he has been serving as Dean of the Faculty of Design at Shenkar.

In the course of a glorious career in the local and international design field Vardimon has worked with commercial, private, and public organizations, and engaged in diverse fields of design - principally graphic design - from designing for cultural institutions, publishing houses, and higher education institutions such as Bezalel and Shenkar, to building brands and designs for advertising.

Vardimon has gained exceptional international recognition due to the original design language he created, and in 2007 he was awarded the Israel Prize in Design.

His body of work includes iconic public and national logos, political and social posters (the "Left, Right, Boom" poster at the entrance to the Reichstag in Berlin), posters for cultural events (the Israel Festival), image design (The Open University, Elite, and Bank Mizrahi), and incorporation of visual communication in the branding of public architecture (Hadassah Medical Center, The Yitzhak Rabin Center, and Yad Vashem).

Vardimon has participated in innumerable exhibitions in Israel and around the world, and his works can be found in important collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA), Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (V&A).

Vardimon’s works are endowed with a distinctive minimalist and conceptual design language typified by recurring use of primary colors and basic geometric shapes inspired by Bauhaus and Modernism, and a constant dialogue with stylistic changes in the world of design. In his aesthetic outlook there is an undertone of freshness, optimism, playfulness, and humor that express humanity and empathy. His skillful condensation of social, political, and ethnic conflicts – and their visual formulation – makes his works an accurate mirror of Israeli reality.

Vardimon led and advanced the academization process of the design professions in Israel, and among other things founded the Master of Design (MDes) Program at Shenkar. As a lecturer in academic institutions in Israel, as well as in Europe and the US, Vardimon has influenced generations of designers, lecturers, and students.

The exhibition pays tribute to Vardimon’s rich and influential endeavor in a creative celebration with the participation of leading Israeli artists, illustrators, and designers. 

With his exceptional talent and inspiring leadership, Vardimon has instilled a profound understanding of the future designer’s values: persistence, searching for and establishing the truth, creativity, originality, an ethical and value-oriented approach, and a profound understanding of the constant tension between functionality, personal expression, and artistic vision.

The exhibition curators, Itzik Rennert and Yuval Saar, invited some thirty creators to respond, provide an interpretation, or propose a re-reading of one of Vardimon’s works.

Some of the new works come from the field of visual communication, while others come from other fields of design and art. Many of the creators - Vardimon’s past and present colleagues and students - expressed their admiration for him by creating works that bring their dialogue with him to life, which for some of them began when they were students and continues to be present in their work today. Vardimon, who concurrently with his academic activities is also a practicing designer, created new works especially for the exhibition, which are displayed alongside posters he designed in recent years.

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