Jam Week #9: Togetherness – When Creativity Meets Loneliness

4/4/21 10:00 - 7/4/21 10:00 Online Event

The issue of loneliness was marked as one of the most serious problems of our era even before the pandemic burst into our lives and made it infinitely worse. From children to seniors, no population is left unaffected by this troubling phenomenon.

Jam Week, Shenkar’s unique, multidisciplinary flagship event, is back for the ninth time. This year, 750 students from the college will join together with non-profit organizations, leading industry bodies, and experts from Israel and around the world in a joint effort to effect change and find solutions to the problem of loneliness.

Jam Week is an event that brings together students and professors from the Faculty of Design, the Faculty of Engineering, and the School of Multidisciplinary Art at Shenkar. The event is designed to create a framework for creative interdisciplinary thought and a “hackathon” mentality. The event will last for four days and will foster collaborations between academia, industry, and social organizations. This year’s Jam Week has set itself several core goals, including: finding innovative solutions for the problem of loneliness that in terms of technology, engineering, and design; facilitating learning, exposure, and the development of interdisciplinary work skills in design thinking methodologies; dealing with engineering, design, and technology complexities; and fostering international networking.

The products of Jam Week will include conceptual ideas and solutions for the problem of loneliness in different contexts, which organizations can then continue to develop and implement independently or by continuing to collaborate with Shenkar within various frameworks at Design Factory Shenkar. Jam Week is an important educational and leadership initiative which will help both organizations addressing the problem of loneliness and Shenkar students, who will experience meaningful multidisciplinary learning while tackling a burning social issue.

Jam Week will take place in collaboration with five organizations from different fields: Enosh; the coronavirus ward of the Hillel Yaffe Medical CenterTOM – Tikkun Olam Makers, in collaboration with the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital; the pensioners’ welfare department of the Municipality of Ramat Gan; and Joy Ventures. Each organization will tell our students about the challenges and needs relevant to the populations that the organization works with, in the context of our chosen theme: loneliness.

This year Jam Week is hosted by DFS (Design Factory Shenkar) and has become an international event with mixed teams consisting of participants from both Shenkar and Design Factories from Holland, England, and Latvia. DFS is an experimental center of interdisciplinary activity, research, and creation; it operates in collaboration with all the departments and centers at Shenkar and is part of the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN). DFS serves as a bridge between academia, industry, and the local and international community, and includes courses, interdisciplinary research, and various events.

This year Jam Week is led by representatives of Shenkar: Dr. Assaf Krebs, one of the directors of the Shenkar Design Factory; Dr. Meira Levy, senior lecturer from the School of Industrial Engineering & Management; and Idit Barak, senior lecturer at the Department of Fashion Design.

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