The 11th Edition of Shenkar's Flagship "Jam Week" Event is Ready to Go!

27/2/23 - 2/3/23 Shenkar

This year’s Jam Week is dedicated to challenges and solutions for climate change. The subject is one of the most significant global challenges in the coming decades.

According to forecasts, by 2050, the average temperature in most places worldwide is expected to increase by 5-5.1 degrees Celsius.

The increase in temperature, which aligns with the significant increase in greenhouse gas concentration, presents humanity with diverse problems in all areas of life.

The temperature differences result in increasing destruction of natural balance systems such as glaciers, evergreen forests and ocean ecosystems, which form the basis of the earth’s delicate natural harmony.

The (relatively) rapid rate of change fosters social instability and increases the chances of economic instability.  

One of the significant effects is a change in precipitation patterns that manifests itself in increased frequency of droughts and floods which dramatically disrupt the security of food production and the availability of resources and can cause serious, and sometimes irreversible, damage to residences and civilian infrastructure. The scarcity of drinking water also fosters the outbreak of epidemics, population migration and increased energy consumption.

The root causes of all of these can be found in our behavior as private individuals and as employees and managers in various organizations.

Jam Week is an annual event taking place for the 11th year at Shenkar. It brings together students and lecturers from the faculties of engineering and design and the art school. It creates a unique framework of creative interdisciplinary thinking and a “hackathon” (marathon of creative, entrepreneurial thinking) spirit.

The four-day event brings together academia, industry and social organizations and focuses on innovation, social entrepreneurship and finding technological and design solutions for social challenges in Israel and worldwide.


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