Digital Documentation Of Archeological Sites Of Acre

12/2/17 8:00 - 16/2/17 16:00 Old City Of Acre

The series of international workshops in Acre aim to acquaint the participants and the residents of Acre with cultural architectural sites of the old city. During the workshops, chosen sites will be documented and presented in architectural drawings, as well as three-dimensional models. The previous workshop focused on the Han Elomdan with the fisherman’s plaza. This workshop will continue with adjacent sites, like the Small bathhouse, Han Hashuna or the Sea Mosque.

Throughout the workshops participants will be divided on two groups that will collaborate. One group will focus on documentation of historical buildings and the second group will focus on urban museology and design intervention of the historical urban fabric.

The documentation group will acquire technical knowledge on today’s methodologies of documentation and historical knowledge on the old city of Acre and on the specific sites they will be dealing with. The digital documentation of the chosen sites will be executed through the use of 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry. The participants will be shown the methodology and strategies related to the acquisition and management of three-dimensional data from the site. Further, during the workshop, the possibilities of using acquired data for the construction of two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional models will be explained. Last, the workshops will close with an exhibition that represents the documentation and the history of the sites that were research during the workshop. The exhibition will be open to the residents and community of Acre.
The urban museology group will analyze the urban fabric with its historical buildings and will explore design interventions that transform the city into an open museum. The discussion will focus on how to allow the heritage sites to be part of the everyday life of the local community, which become an interest for the touristic visitor at the same time.
The workplace for the workshops will be the historical building of the International Conservation Center – Citta di Roma in Acre, Israel.  The participants will take an active part both in collecting the information on-site and in the post-processing of the data into architectural drawings and an architectural/ urban design proposal. The workshop will conclude with an exhibition of all the results in the International Conservation Center – Citta di Roma in Acre, Israel, which will be open to local community.

Top: The old city of Acre (Photo: Adam Jones, Flickr - cc)

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