Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Head of Department: Dr. Gabriela Dorfman-Furman
Study Program: 4 Years (160 credit points)
The department awards its graduates with a B.Sc. degree

In the 21st century, electronics are everywhere; in satellites, cellular and computer communication, sophisticated weapons systems, vehicle control systems, sound and imaging systems as well as in kids’ toys.  In the near future – electronics maybe even integrated with our bodies and animals.

Accordingly, the employment opportunities of the The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department’s graduates are numerous and various: from electric circuitry and chip design for systems and applications, to design, control, correction and improvement of systems for communication, imaging and sound processing, information security, computerizing, lighting, machinery and many more, as new and exciting applications and developments are introduced in this field every day.

In order to meet the industry’s needs, Shenkar opened the The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. Academically cutting edge, the department’s qualified and skillful staff is always aware to the needs of the industry and the student body.

The studies in the department are comprised of core studies (Math, Physics and Computers), obligatory courses and optional courses from four various majors, pursuant to the needs of the industry: electronic communication, integrated circuitry on chips (chip design), lighting and light fixtures and systems.

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, as all of Shenkar, maintains close ties with the leaders of the Israeli industry.  In the framework of such cooperation, eligible students will receive a scholarship, covering their first year’s tuition. Exceptional students, finishing their first year with honors, will receive a scholarship covering their second year’s tuition.

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