Department of Chemical Engineering

Department Head: Dr. Yoav Rockman
Study Term: Four Years (161 Credit Points)
The Department awards its graduates with a B.Sc. degree

Chemical Engineering is a multidisciplinary profession that focuses on materials and processes, and represents a very broad range of technologies.

Graduates of the department possess the skill and training required for developing and transferring a product from the laboratory to a semi-industrial facility and on to manufacturing and marketing, from the concept stage to prototypes to processes and products - in short, from theory to reality.

To succeed in this mission, our students are equipped with scientific tools (chemistry, physics, mathematics and computers), engineering tools, as well as with practical studies in the most advanced labs and workshops in Israel.

In addition, our students visit industrial factories, study one of the majors offered by the department and eventually, prior to their graduation, they experience a planning and research project.

The ties between Shenkar and the industry are always strong. However, this past year, these ties have strengthened and currently, various head of industry support the department by granting scholarships, initiating joint studies and assisting the students with their final projects.

Chemical engineering is considered especially multi-disciplinary, compared to other engineering fields. The department’s graduates, equipped with the tools and skillset provided during their studies, could find employment as engineers, researchers, and managers in various fields of industry. Graduates of the program who are interested in a research career can continue on to pursue higher degrees at other institutions in Israel and abroad, relying on the best engineering background of its kind.

Future Plans:

The Department of Chemical Engineering at Shenkar has initiated two new study programs, the execution of which is subject to the approval of the Israeli Council for Higher Education, as follows:

  • A new five-year study program for B.Sc. integrated with “Chemical Engineering as well as Industrial Engineering and Management”.
    The objective of this program is to educate exceptional chemical engineers with complementary background in industrial engineering and management, in order to enable them to fill key roles in the market and the industry at a relatively early stage of their professional career.
    These graduates will have the engineering and scientific background suitable for additional complementary studies, pursuant to their professional needs. This program will be offered to students with exceptional achivements of the Department of Chemical Engineering following the completion of their third year of studies. The program is intended for students who are interested in management positions in the industry, which require a broad engineering base, such as that provided by the chemical engineering studies.
    The program will incorporate various classes from the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Engineering and Management at Shenkar . This program is unique to Shenkar and is not offered by any other institution in Israel today.
  • A new study and research program for M.Sc., without a thesis, in chemical engineering: The objective of this program is to offer a new option for studies of chemical engineering at Shenkar, which includes studies in a M.Sc. level and a trial, theoretic or integrated final project at a M.Sc. level.
    Training chemical engineers in studies and research at a M.Sc. level is crucial to the market and especially to the industry, since the additional background provided to such engineers includes research experience, review of professional literature, high-level written and oral reporting practices and important theoretical knowledge, which encourage creative thought and entrepreneurship.
    The exceptional graduates of this program will be eligible to pursue their PhD. in other institutions. This program is unique also by offering a flexible curriculum, which will enable and encourage those with background in chemical engineering and other applicable disciplines to join the program. The program will include an emphasis on fields with respect to which, Shenkar has special infrastructure, such as: chemical and environmental engineering, chemical, industrial engineering and management, and more.

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