The Alice Gottesman Jewelry Design Department

Department Head: Mr. Uri Samet
Study Term: Four Years (160 Credit points)
The Department awards its graduates with a Bachelor of Jewelry Design degree.

The Alice Gottesman Jewelry Design Department at Shenkar was established with an innovative vision and objective: to bridge the gap between art and industry.

We believe that design is a language, which our students have to master, from its most basic structures to its most refined conceptual expressions.

At the same time, we are obligated to provide our students with a firm understanding of the industry’s operation, mass-production methods, marketing and skills in classic metalworking, as well as in advanced technologies in this field.

We believe that the contradictory terms “art” and “industry” are not mutually exclusive. Strategies of mass production and replication play a significant role in art, and the line between commercial art and “higher” art is blurry at best, and may even be hard to define.

Inbar Avneri

Our curriculum includes projects carried out in collaboration with the industry, during which the students are required to create work for specific clients, as well as workshops guided by visual artists, where all aspects of the work are more free and exploratory.

Our students have shown that individuality and personal expression, in collaboration with the most advanced digital technologies (such as 3D computerized design, 3D printing and computerized laser cutting) can manifest into highly unique pieces. They have learned that sometimes, surprisingly as it seems, the most creative ideas stem from exploring the various aspects of the industry.

The line-up of our classes is a reflection of the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of Israeli society. Many of our students come from the periphery, while others come from large cities. Many of our students are newcomers to Israel, after making Aaliyah from the former Soviet countries, South America, the USA and more.

We encourage our students to become aware of this richness in culture, and to become acquainted with their own roots, express both their belonging and uniqueness by applying curiosity and understanding.

Our students, like most Israelis, are exposed to harsh and dividing political, social, economic and cultural issues on a daily basis, and as such, tend to be opinionated and independent in politics as well as in fashion. We refrain from dictating a style or design agenda.

Our goal is to entice the students to explore the worlds of culture and design, providing them with the tools required in order to ask questions and formulate their own thoughts and understanding.

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