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Department of Interior Building & Environment Design

Department Head: Yehoshua Gutman
Study Term: Four Years (160 Credit Point)
The Department awards its graduates with a Bachelor of Design (Interior Building & Environment Design) degree

The objective of the B.Des. program of the Department of Interior Building & Environment Design is to qualify professional researchers and designers to face problems requiring multi-disciplinary knowledge (of engineering and design).

These designers will be in the forefront and provide support for computer systems in planning offices, the construction industry, interior design, universities, construction research institutes and the public sector.

The curriculum was formed taking into account that the digital age - as the industrial age that preceded it - influences not only the design process, but also the manufacturing process. In the industrial age, the design field mainly addressed the objects’ shape and focused on various classic patterns of order.

Today, the discussion concerning the design of the object deals with its geometric definition, derived from its design and production parameters.

The curriculum is intended to bestow knowledge using a structured series of problem-based design workshops. The workshops are integrated with courses providing cultural, theoretical and methodological knowledge, which supports and enhances the design process.

Our main goal is to provide a wide variety of studies in the context of professional education, including natural science, social science and the humanities, which will help in creating innovative designers, who can substantially contribute to the development of our society in addition to their qualification as skilled professionals.

The department shares Shenkar’s approach, supporting relations between the industry and the academic research, collaboration among departments, international exchange, partnerships with industrial factories and research initiatives; all meant to contribute to the knowledge gathering, theory and the practice of the various professions, thus, being a positive factor in the national development potential.

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