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Department of Fashion Design

Department Head: Mr. Ilan Beja
Study Term: Four Years
The Department of Fashion Design awards its graduates with a Bachelor of Fashion Design degree

The Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar is one of the most respected in the fashion world. Every year, its graduates enter jobs and internships with the world’s top designers, participate in prestigious exhibitions, and win internationally recognized awards.

The department’s course of study encourages original and creative personal expression in all areas of fashion. Like all other design professionals (and perhaps even more so), fashion designers must be contemporary, creative and pragmatic, curious and analytical, familiar with their local and international cultural legacy, and sensitive to changes and developments around them.

The Department of Fashion Design’s extraordinary achievements, its unique course of study, and the number of its graduates who join the elite ranks of the local and global industry, have placed the department firmly among the world’s top academic institutions for fashion design. It was ranked highly by the prestigious international Business of Fashion magazine, in the top 20 on the list of “the 50 Leading Schools in the Fashion World” compiled by the international umbrella organization for design schools (FS), and was listed by Forbes in 2021 as one of its ten most innovative fashion departments.

The department’s course of study equips graduating fashion designers with the requisite design, technical, and technological skills to work in this field, as well as an extensive familiarity with the fashion, art, and culture industries. The department’s innovative teaching methods integrate traditional practical workshops, personal research, digital and technological processes, guest lectures, and more. This facilitates the development of a personal creative language and an international stylistic perspective that prepares graduates for a career in the fashion industry both in Israel and abroad.

The fashion design courses begin in the first year with an introduction to the language of fashion and continue through the second, third, and fourth years with a variety of topics to choose from: lingerie, menswear, children’s wear, swimwear, zero waste, active wear, fashion tech, ready-to-wear, rebooting fashion (sustainability), knitwear, denim, evening wear, bridal wear, and tailored clothing.

In addition to the fashion design courses and the theoretical and practical studies, the department offers a range of courses in drawing, art, embroidery, printing, knitting, 3D software and design, visual communication for the fashion designer, journalism, fashion management, and more. In their fourth year, the students submit a graduate project alongside a theoretical paper.

As part of the global fashion sector, the department has international connections that find expression in guest lecturers, masterclasses, internships at companies abroad, and guest judges for the graduate project. Furthermore, each year the department takes part in prestigious international competitions for young designers – often winning awards, participates in museum exhibitions and collaborates with leading brands in Israel and abroad.

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