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The Pernick Faculty of Engineering
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Scholarships and Prizes

* Financial Aid
Substantial financial aid is provided to students who lack adequate financial resources.

* Prizes
Prizes are granted to students excelling in their studies, at special ceremonies to which the donors of the prize are invited.

* Dean’s Prize
The Dean’s Prize is awarded to the student with the highest average grade in any given academic year. The outstanding student is also awarded special certificates of recognition.

* Adopt-A-Student
The Shenkar College of Engineering & Design has always been fortunate to have friends who have donated Scholarships and Prizes to students on a regular basis over the years. As economic conditions continue to challenge the majority of Israeli citizens and could even prevent potential students from applying to the College the Adopt-Student Project was introduced.

The object of the project is to "twin" the student and the donor in order to enable them to keep in touch with each other during the four-year period of study. The Project enables students – who could have had to leave the College because of financial difficulties – to continue with their studies, thanks to the support of the person who adopts them.

The American Committee for Shenkar currently has 19 Adopted Students – in addition to which Mr. Jeffrey Braverman of the American Friends Committee set up the Hahn Scholarship Fund that has adopted an additional 10 students from the Faculty of Engineering who meet with him once a year in order to review their progress and to maintain a close personal contact. The British Friends of Shenkar has 4 adopted students and the Canadian Committee for Shenkar currently has 11 adopted students

A get-together for adopted students and members of the International Board of Governors is held during the annual meeting of the Board at Shenkar every May.

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