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Words from the Chairman

We are all in agreement that the unique experience of the studies that characterizes Shenkar and the contribution to each one of us graduates must be expressed through activities of the Alumni Association, in order to position Shenkar as one of the leaders in its field, here and around the globe.
I want to share with you the great pleasure that I have coming back to the years when we were active students and the overwhelming sense of pride of team spirit I feel in view of Shenkar's growth and development.

In addition to the goals that we set for ourselves, we face the unique task of locating all of Shenkar's graduates. I am asking you to renew the connection and direct the classmates with whom you are currently in touch, to us. We emphasize the importance and the contribution for the alumni of keeping in touch with each other from the social perspective and even more so, from the professional and academic perspective.

In my capacity as the Chairman of the Association, I am working actively to strengthen the ties between us, the graduates. I am also recruiting alumni that are in key positions to contribute back to the graduate community and create a valuable and beneficial connection between the academy and its graduates.

We are on our way and we are not alone. Shenkar management headed by its President, Prof. Amotz Weinberg; the Director General and members of the senior staff actively support the establishment of the Alumni Association. Special thanks to our enthusiastic supporter, Varda Kalmar, Head of Public Relations and Information.

We also thank Shenkar’s Board of Directors for their support of the Alumni Association activities and a special thanks to my friends who volunteered to assist in the establishment of the Association.
We look forward to cooperating with you, my fellow graduates through your initiatives and innovative ideas.

I invite you to join us to influence the future.


           Mr. Moshe Shemesh

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