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The Pernick Faculty of Engineering
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Alumni Goals

1. Building an influential and significant, active network – Creating a social framework that will enable cooperation between the graduates themselves and the academia.

2. Creating contacts – Networking between graduates, developing social and business contacts. Constant updating information concerning graduate placements in the business world and enabling connections based on similar academic and social background.

3. Updating graduates with new information and knowledge – Enabling the graduates to be exposed to available knowledge existing in the academia and providing information on development processes and know-how from the academic world to industry and vice-a-versa.

4. Organization of events and activities for the benefit of the graduates - Organization of information meetings, lectures, social events and meetings with the academia for the purpose of reinforcing and encouraging the networking system among graduates.

5. Assistance in guidance and placement for graduates – Assisting young graduates at the beginning of their careers in finding employment by connecting them to other graduates who hold positions of influence. Assistance in preparing the search for employment and exposing graduates to employers looking for Shenkar alumni in particular.

6. Promotion of the Shenkar graduate's reputation – To promote Shenkar’s reputation through publicizing the success of its graduates. To strengthen the connection and pride in Shenkar and deepen the recognition of the marketplace in the capabilities and qualities of our graduates.

7. Creation of benefits and advantages for graduates – To contact commercial bodies to enable discounts for graduates due to quantity and quality of membership in the Alumni Association. The advantage of the Association lies in the unity of its academic graduates in the fields of design and industry.

8. Involvement in the community and strengthening ties with the Municipality of Ramat Gan.


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