Dr. Katya Oicherman

katyao@shenkar.ac.il 03-6110028

Artist, researcher of and lecturer on textile culture, studied textile design at Shenkar (2001).

After working as a weaving designer in the industry, she gained her MA in textiles from the Goldsmiths College in London, together with MA in modern Jewish studies at the University of Leeds.

At the same time, she created and presented various works in Israel and abroad. Dr. Oicherman obtained her PhD. from the Design Faculty of the Goldsmiths College in London in 2014 and her research thesis revolved around textile practice development in relation to historical Jewish textiles.

Dr. Oicherman received several prestigious scholarships in order to complete her research, including the ORSAS scholarship, Fasold scholarship for research of textile origins and the Jewish Memorial Foundation’s scholarship.

Dr. Oicherman has been teaching in the Department of Textile Design at SHENKAR since 2007 and has been heading the department since 2013.

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