Department of Fashion Design

Department Head: Mrs. Leah Perez
Study Term: Four Years
The Department of Fashion Design awards its graduates with a Bachelor of Fashion Design degree

“An extraordinary school with a distinct point of view – a kept secret offering an incredible fashion program”: These were the words of the international fashion website, “Fashionista”, which chose the department of fashion design at Shenkar as one of the top fashion schools in the world.

In the annual rating of this prominent website, considered one of the most important and influential in the industry, the department, headed by Mrs. Leah Perez, climbed to the 13th place, beating last year's 15th spot. 

This current achievement joins the department’s placing 20th in the “Top 50 Leading Schools of Fashion Worldwide”, a list comprised by the International Organization for Fashion Schools. This was the first time an Israeli institute was included in this prestigious list, and rated higher than other established and well-known institutes – some of which also offer M.Sc. programs – including the Koefia Academia in Milan and the Belgian La Cambre school.

As fashion is global, the department of fashion design at Shenkar maintains strong international ties, extending invitations to guest lecturers from Israel and worldwide, holding master classes and internships at various international companies and inviting guest critics for final projects reviews.

Every year, the department is invited to participate in prestigious international competitions for young designers.

The department believes in balancing the almost impossible: educating on design and technical aspects by skilled personnel without losing the primary and spontaneous; Being sensitive and aware of innovations without losing the uniqueness and originality therein; cherishing the global cultural heritage without neglecting the local cultural heritage.

The high representation of Shenkar's graduates in the local and global industry, as designers, company owners, trend-setters, treasurers, purchasers and academic personnel proves that successful this balancing act.

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