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The Pernick Faculty of Engineering
The Azrieli Faculty of Design
Program Goals

The first year and a half of study focus on topics of basic design; a practical and theoretical introduction to weaving, knitting, printing, sketching and drawing; an introduction to fashion; three-dimensional and two-dimensional design; and topics in visual communication. From midway through the second year, and during the third year, students organize and define for themselves, in a gradual and guided process, their course of studies and specialization within a dynamic curriculum.

The curriculum is implemented in personal projects. Great educational value is placed on mid-semester and end-semester evaluations conducted by critics from within and outside Shenkar.

The department initiates joint projects with industry and institutions of science, research and culture in Israel and abroad. The department invites guest lecturers and organizes guest workshops and generally conducts, for third year students, overseas tours of exhibitions and contemporary sites of design and art.

The fourth year concentrates on the final project and advanced coursework. After receiving approval for their topics, students focus their abilities and aspirations on a personal project that is required by definition to be "substantive."

The department presents the project at a catalogued exhibition and does its utmost to provide guidance for the graduate’s future career.

The Stage Design specialization in the Department of Textile Design
This multidisciplinary specialization links the various theater and performing arts. Students are trained to formulate a design conception and to create sets for theater, film and television, exhibitions and parties. The goal of this specialization is to produce designers and artists with profound insight and a personal statement in the field of performance.

Students in this track acquire an intellectual foundation in theater and performance, together with studies in drawing, painting, computers and lighting.

This specialization is a four-year study program. During the first year, students take courses in set design, as well as courses in textile design. The subsequent years are exclusively devoted to studying set design. The coursework prepares the students for the final project in which they are required to design a complete model, including hand drawings, computer drawings, costume sketches, an academic paper on one of the following subjects: a theatrical play, dance performance, exhibit, television set, film set, commercial exhibition, or event.

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